Meet Adelaide Odhiambo, Lead panelist at The Inaugural Pension Technology and Innovation Conference next week July 25th to 29th at the Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort, Convention Centre and Spa, Mombasa.

Professional Bio

  • Adelaide Odhiambo is a leading insurance expert, experienced in designing, developing and managing both conventional and micro insurance products. An actuarial science graduate of the University of Nairobi,
  • Adelaide launched her career in the insurance industry where she went on to work with top brands
  • designing innovative insurance products for them. She has developed her 15years expertise on Insurancerelated issues having worked with top brands including Airtel, Jubilee Insurance, APA and Barclays globally.
  • An inherent creative, Adelaide founded Bluewave insurance in 2016, a start-up Insurance company that creates innovative Micro insurance solutions for the mass market that are accessible and affordable. By providing Micro insurance products accessible through mobile technology, Bluewave is disrupting the Insurance industry and serving underserved markets that have yet to be addressed by insurance companies because they tend not to focus on the low-income earners. As a result Bluewave seeks to play a key role in improving Insurance uptake and penetration in Kenya, then Africa which is currently at 3% and 6%respectively.
  • Adelaide’s vision is to use her experience to create innovative insurance products that are affordable
  • and accessible to the very people who need it most and thereby help eradicate poverty in Kenya. This led her to create a Micro insurance product dubbed Imarisha Jamii accessible by dialing a USSD code from the simplest mobile phone. For as little as $0.2 (Ksh20) a week, one gets benefits of hospital cash, disability and funeral cover. The process is paperless and by simply dialing *643# one can pay premiums via MPESA and use the same code to make any claims.
  • Adelaide is driven by a personal sense of responsibility to change the world; one person’s life and leave them better than she found him/her and therefore she look out for opportunities where a relatively small effort will make a large impact. It is this personal sense of responsibility that she has built her company on.
  • Read more about the work we do at Bluewave on

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