Tribute to Mr Nzomo Mutuku, MBS: A Towering Financial Services Industry Leader

Every generation has an outstanding and peerless visionary whose footprints change the tangent of a sector and indeed country for good. Mr Nzomo Mutuku who died recently was one such leader.

A towering intellectual, Mr. Mutuku will be largely credited for steering the industry to a near Ksh 1.5 Trillion portfolio and instituting key reforms and progressive policy changes in the retirement benefits industry. Some of the reforms realised during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) were in areas such as pension governance, investment of pension funds, advocating for protection of member rights and enhanced saving products. In particular, he will be remembered for the Good Governance Guidelines of 2018, Post-Retirement Medical Regulations 2018, Treating Customers Fairly 2019 and Mortgage Regulations 2020. Mr Mutuku steered the sector during the tumultuous times of the Covid-19 pandemic providing leadership and instituting the much-needed mitigating measures to the industry players.

A treasured conference speaker, Mr Mutuku had a knack for in-depth research and deep understanding of policy issues. At a personal level, Mr. Mutuku was humble civil servant, approachable and available to support industry initiatives whenever called upon by the stakeholders.

The late Nzomo’s contribution to the growth of the retirement benefits industry and indeed the financial services sector will remain indelible. The country has indeed lost a treasured repository of knowledge and a mentor to many.

Finnet Trust sends its profound condolences to the family and friends of Mr Nzomo Mutuku.

Godwin Simba
Lead Expert and Founder
Finnet Trust

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