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Finnet Trust is a leading provider of trusted services in governance consulting, pension advisory and employee benefits, insurance risk intermediation, and training services. Our governance consulting services cater to pension funds, public institutions, SMEs, and corporate organizations.

Our training covers governance, pension management, HR, public finance management, up-skilling programs, and technology. We do this through provision of strategic advice in leadership and management, employee benefits advisory and deploying innovative proprietary technology and solutions that help our clients improve productivity, scale existing services and create sustainable value for its stakeholders.

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Innovation Driven by Commitment to Equality

Finnet fosters a culture where its people experience a sense of belonging and can be their best professionally and personally
Creating this inclusive workplace means ensuring people feel comfortable engaging in honest, open dialogue about difficult topics — such as bias and inclusion — without judgment or career limitation.
Innovating responsibly is fundamental to Finnet culture and the company empowers its people to advocate for the positive impact of innovation for their clients, people, partners, and communities.

Main Business Areas

Our main business areas are in pension governance consulting, training, technology, Employee Benefits and Finnet Trust Foundation as illustrated below:

Building a Better Tomorrow Today!

Finnet is committed to supporting its people achieve their best performance every day. The Performance Achievement experience is designed not only to elevate individual performance, but also the performance of a team. Team leaders regularly discuss the team’s priorities, strengths and engagement, and incorporate real-time feedback.

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